Lima Professional Services Inc. was created with the intention to provide Professional Services to the community. People who need orientation regarding personal or Business matters, may not know where to go.  Lima Professional Services Inc. was created for that reason: To offer Professional advice. For Personal Income Tax, Business Tax and Accounting, Payroll, Investments, Notary Public and Travel Services, come to us and we will serve you with the attention you deserve! With 25 years of experience, we have the know-how, and we definitely have the confidence to answer any of your questions! We help hundreds of people each year... from Income Tax concerns, to Accounting Services, Payroll, Investments, Notary even with Travel needs. We offer services to our Community of the utmost quality...doubt it? Just ask a resident of Whittier! They'll recognize our name and our reputation. Have a question? CALL US. We thank you and appreciate your support.